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PW Series – The Best Submersible Aquaponics Pump

Jan 10, 2020

Video Chapters (You may choose either section)

00:44Intro & basics about the PW submersible pump series

01:50PW Series Features

Mark Lin, deputy manager of the International Sales Dep., talks about the features and different types of pumps in the PW series

04:37Live Demonstration

Mark shows us how powerful the PW series is, especially useful if you want to clean your water tank

06:32Quality Management & Quality Control

Simon Yen, manager of the International Sales Dep., talks about the QC procedures at Walrus to ensure that the PW series meets their high quality standard

11:41Testimonial: Vietnamese Agent

Walrus’ Vietnamese agent Mr. Alan Zhao shares his experiences with Walrus pumps and the company itself

13:53PW Series Recap & Outro

Mar 6, 2020

PW Series – The Best Submersible Aquaponics Pump















PW Series Highlights

  • Customer-oriented product design
  • Ideal for Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Water Tank Cleaning and more
  • Different models for specific requirements
  • High-efficiency motor

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Walrus PW-A Series

Walrus 채널로
(before operation, turn off power switch first.)

PW Series

PW100A,PW250A,PW400A series are only suitable for clean and none abrasive water, PW100AR is for fish farmiing which can pump sea water.

PW Series use water as the cooling system, therefore when pump is running without water will cause motor burnt, and damage the shaft.

Cause 1: Circuit breaker is not connected. Remedy:Connect it.

Cause 2: Pump not plug in. Remedy:Plug in pump.

Cause 3: Broken cable. Remedy:Replace it.

Cause 4: No power supply. Remedy:Turn on the power souce.

Cause 5: Defective motor. Remedy:Repair or replace it.

Cause 6: Impeller colgged. Remedy:Clean it and make sure it turns freely after cleaning.

Cause 1: Impeller is clogged. Remedy:Clean it.

Cause 2: Circuit breaker trip. Remedy:Reconnect circuit breaker.

Cause 3: Motor failure. Remedy:Repair or replace it.

Cause 1: Water level too low. Remedy:Stop the pump and unplug.

Cause 2: Impeller clogged. Remedy:Clean or replace it.

Cause 3: Discharge pipe runs too long. Remedy:Correct it in reference to rating table.

Cause 4: Strainer blocked. Remedy:Clean it.